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Crisp, cool air is one of the most refreshing parts of winter outdoor activities and perhaps one of the worst for your skin. People frequently sustain skin damage while skiing or doing any activity that requires spending long hours in the open air during cold winter conditions.

In simple terms, the outer layer of your epidermis acts as a protective barrier for the rest of your skin and when it is exposed to wind and cold the fatty lipids of the skin can tear away, leaving it fragile and vulnerable to damage. This causes irritation and inflammation. As a result, you may experience redness, sensitivity, and even peeling of the skin on your face. This condition is often called windburn. Wind can remove the natural oils from the skin, causing damage. In addition to wind, snow, and ice can reflect up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays, meaning that the same rays can make contact with the skin twice. While sunburnt skin feels hot and swollen, wind-burned skin feels prickly and chafed. The good news is that wind burn, while uncomfortable, is temporary and the discomfort will slowly subside over a few days. However, it is possible to get sunburn and windburn at the same time. That’s why it’s important to protect against both before heading out for your outdoor activities.

Here are a few of my recommendations on how to prevent and treat windburn.

Use a gentle cleanser

First, playing the preventative game, it is important to make sure the outermost layer of your skin is protected and intact. This means sticking to ultra gentle cleansers and going easy on exfoliants during the colder months.

You can still wash your face after a windburn, but make sure you do so with a creamy cleanser. Gel and water-based cleansers may be too drying for wind-burned skin. Avoid using hot water as this will strip away even more moisture from the skin and will extend your recovery time.

I recommend Biologique Recherche Lait E.V. Lait E.V. is perfectly in harmony with the epidermis. Its active ingredients maintain the integrity of the barrier function and protect the skin from drying out. As well as providing nourishment and suppleness, the fluid gently removes impurities from the skin while keeping dryness at bay. Skin is cleansed, pure, and healthy.

Soothe your skin

A soothing mask followed by a serum could be very beneficial in the speedy recovery of your skin. Face masks are highly concentrated in active ingredients to balance and purify the epidermis. Always apply your mask before applying your serums and moisturizer. A good mask will prepare your skin to receive the formulation in the next stage of your treatment.

Biologique Recherche Masque Biosensible significantly reduces skin sensitivity and brings instant relief and comfort to delicate skin. Its soothing and protective active ingredients alleviate the appearance of skin irritations and help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. It calms and relieves sensations of tightness, flushing and itching. Skin is left moisturized, soothed and less reactive to environmental damage.

Masque Visolastine E. Contains essential fatty acids to ensure the skin is kept plump, hydrated and the skin’s natural barrier is restored. You can ensure harmony is once again achieved by saying goodbye to the stresses of the minus temperatures.

Serum Colostrum VG is fantastic for intensely moisturizing the skin. This SOS serum will prevent drying whilst repairing the skin after exposure to wind and outdoor activities. It is a lipid-restoring treatment that will act as a liquid cushion to help strengthen the skin barrier. Its core formula gives it incomparable nourishing properties, helping to reduce surface dryness and maintain deep hydration in the skin.

Apply moisturizer

A good moisturizer comes in handy for wind burn treatment as well as prevention. Replenishing your skin’s moisture is important for both pain relief and overall recovery. Look for creams containing hydrating ingredients, such as glycerol, shea butter, ceramides, petrolatum, or hyaluronic acid. These ingredients lock in moisture and repair the skin barrier. You should avoid products that contain parabens, fragrances, or other harsh chemicals as these may make symptoms worse. If you are prone to acne, make sure that your moisturizer is oil-free and non-comedogenic. Apply moisturizer throughout the day as needed while your skin recovers.

My recommendations are: Intense Lift Collagen Cream, Hydra Balance Face Cream, or Crème Dermo RL.

Use Sunscreen

It is very important to wear sunscreen while outdoors. Try a mineral sunscreen, which includes ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These tend to be gentler than their chemical counterparts. Sun-care products are essential in protecting the epidermis from the solar radiation that directly impacts skin health. Biologique Recherche sun care products are one of my absolute favourites. The trio of products prepares skin prior to sun exposure, provides effective protection, and soothes it afterward (learn more about these products on our Instagram page).

Use a finishing serum

Biologique Recherchefinishing serums are by far one of my favourite inventions. These serums are used for the finishing touches and have very special formulations. The sophisticated precious extracts they contain deliver instant, yet lasting improvements to the skin.

A real shock treatment to boost hydration is Sérum Yall~02. It contains ultra-high doses of hyaluronic acid and antioxidant plant extracts. This intensely hydrating treatment provides the amount of moisture the skin needs to function properly and feel comfortable. The effect is instant, as the fine lines caused by dehydration are plumped up.  Apply as the last step of your skincare program. Your skin will start to feel better in a few days and you can get back to your outdoor activities.


By Naz Shahbazi


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