Skincare Product FAQs

I’m looking for a new skincare routine – what do you recommend?
When you experience a treatment in our spa, your esthetician will provide suggestions on an effective at-home routine. We also offer Skincare Consultations in person or virtually.

In what order should I apply my products?
When layering products, you want to make sure each step is absorbed into the skin to be most effective. A good rule of thumb is to layer based on the consistency of the product- thinnest to thickest. For more detailed instructions, please book a complimentary consult with one of our aestheticians.

How do I open Biologique Recherche serum bottles?

A squeezable dispenser top will be included in the padded sachet with each of Biologique Recherche serum products.

How to add the plastic dispenser to your serum bottle?
Remember to keep the glass bottle upright during this process.
Pull the center of the aluminum ring towards the outside of the bottle and down to break the band around the glass top.
Pull out and remove the rubber stopper.
Keep the glass bottle upright, push the plastic squeeze top around the outside edges of the top to seal the bottle.

To use:
Uncap the travel tip, turn the bottle upside down and squeeze the neck of the applicator to apply drops into your hand.

How often should I get a facial?
Your skin cell regenerates every 18-28 days, so to maximize the cumulative results of our treatments, we recommend a facial every 3-4 weeks.

At a minimum, we suggest getting a facial 4x per year, because your skin has unique needs with each change of season. Your aesthetician will ensure that your at-home skincare routine is consistent with your current skin needs.