Growing up in Korea, I quickly learnt that taking care of your skin is a priority and not a luxurious splurge. From teenage years to old age, woman and men should visit their aesthetician as a regular part of skin care routine. As the body’s largest organ and a gateway to your health, it makes sense that taking care of your skin is essential for the overall health of your body. Simply put, everything you put on your skin will be absorbed into your blood stream where it is carried to every cell of your body. 

Since on average, skin cell turnover happens every 28 days, you should probably be getting a facial every four to six weeks, but that’s not set in stone. You may need to go in more often when dealing with a specific skin challenge.In that case, you may need a facial more often until your skin has responded to the treatment. For example, if you’re having acne treatments done, you may need to go in for a facial as often as once every 3 to 4 weeks until the problem is under control, then you can taper down to a more spaced-out facial maintenance schedule.

Regular facials can help get your complexion into shape. The key to training your skin is to follow a facial routine that is tailored to your skin by a professional. It is important to consult with a professional who understands your skin. A trained aesthetician can help you work out a facial routine that’s right for you and recommend products and routines you can use at home to help you take good care of your face in-between visits.

Maintaining regular facial routine provides preventative care and is a part of a repair process to treating certain skin conditions.Your skin’s health depends on many factors like seasonal changes, your lifestyle habits, your age,  external factors and your skin type you're born with. Your therapist should really analyze all these factors before recommending a course of treatment for you. 

Remember, having healthy skin is not an over night process. Facial results are accumulative and the more committed you are to your regimen the better the results.

Here are some things to keep in mind when booking a facial:

  • Botox and fillers have nothing to do with the quality of the skin, they affect the shape, so it is still very important to get facials.(You should wait 2 weeks after you get filler or Botox before seeing your aesthetician.)
  • If you are on Accutane, you can still get facials but should stay away from anything too abrasive or aggressive.
  • During Pregnancy, you should avoid electricity, laser or chemical peels, but can still benefit from consistent treatments.
  • People going through chemotherapy should find a professional who is certified in handling cancer patients. 

If you are unsure of how often you should be getting a facial or which treatment is right for you, schedule a skin consultation with any of our skin expert at Theory + Essence. We will address any issues or concerns that you may have and help you develop a treatment plan suited to your needs.

By Sienna Hong


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