Just as the fresh snow adorning the peaks of the Swiss Alps glitters in the morning sun, your teeth will radiate shimmering beauty with the swiss smile Snow White toothpaste. Its prestige formula is enriched with quality whitening ingredients that each elicit their effect from a different perspective.

The true beauty of Snow White is its enzymatic whitening power. At the heart of the formula is glucose oxidase, an enzyme that catalyses the oxidation of glucose to form hydrogen peroxide. Simply, it reacts with the saliva to create a bleaching agent that chemically whitens the teeth. Supporting the enzymatic whitening are mild abrasives that gently exfoliate the enamel to free teeth from unsightly discolourations. These abrasives have been optimised to strike a careful balance between protection and performance, removing stains to an exceptional quality without causing even the tiniest trauma to teeth and gums.

In Snow White, enzymes and abrasives unite to noticeably whiten teeth. This pioneering combination promises safety and a dazzling white smile that can only be Snow White. Not only a whitening toothpaste, Snow White also disseminates daily care and protection. It is a toothpaste to be trusted, delivering beauty and health in elegant packaging.

Contains: 1 tube of 75ml, 2.64 fl.oz.