Pearl Shine Dental Conditioner



This finely pored dental foam has a distinct whitening effect and protects sensitive teeth using a new and unique technology over a period of 16 hours. Teeth are gently covered with a delicate, nurturing layer of peptides and hydroxyapatite, which seamlessly dresses and repairs the teeth's enamel and sensitive necks with a protective coat where damage occurs. Pleasantly effective and with a fresh taste of roses and rhubarb, this dental conditioner has a constructive and healthy side effect by giving you a lasting, beautifully radiant smile and by preventing smoke, coffee and lipstick stains from adhering to the teeth's surface. Natural ingredients have a vitalising effect by helping regenerate the gums, by soothing oral tissue and by keeping it well supplied with blood. Now available in larger dosages for use both at home and on the go 75 ml.


Perfect For

whitening effect and protects sensitive teeth

How to Use
How to us

Apply dental foam in the morning after tooth cleaning, either using a toothbrush or by spraying directly into the mouth. Allow to act briefly and spit out. Do not rinse. Shake well before use.