In Between Waxed Dental tape

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Silky Floss Tape is a specially coated multi-filament tape that effortlessly glides between each tooth. Paper-thin, it slides between even the tightest interdental spaces, lightly fraying to increase its surface area and thus its cleaning efficiency.

Perfect For

Preserving the health of your smile, Silky Floss Tape eliminates plaque from between the teeth. Its ease of use is unparalleled, with its special coating preventing discomfort to fingers and gums during use. Silky Floss Tape is the finishing touch to your dental beauty regime, perfecting and protecting your smile.

How to Use

Unspool about 18 inches

Twirl the floss

Hold the floss

Gently slide the floss

Pull the floss lightly with one hand to move to a clean new section