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d'Or Toothgel & Toothbrush

    Gold is the epitome of luxuriant beauty. It radiates a warm glow that reflects endless allure and represents status. d’Or, swiss smile’s most decadent toothgel, is blended with infinitesimal flecks of the purest 24-carat gold. In the golden light of the sun, your smile will gleam with the luminosity of d’Or’s precious chemical element.

    Though gold is the essence of d’Or, the formula also comprises hyaluronic acid. Famed for its intense moisturising ability, hyaluronic acid is commonly used in anti-ageing skincare preparations, restoring youthful vitality to the skin. In the mouth, this rejuvenation translates to plump, strengthened gums capable of sustaining healthy white teeth.

    d’Or is not only a concoction of alchemic majesty, but a deeply indulgent experience. The silky formula envelops teeth and gums with a shimmering shield of pampering protection, while its active ingredients continue their service of balance and rejuvenation. The beauty of d’Or isn’t only its precious metallic formula, but its ability to fulfil all the expectations of a daily toothpaste, intensively caring for and protecting teeth and gums. It is panoramic in its powers.

    The companion to the d’Or toothgel is its gold-plated toothbrush, specially designed for flawless application of the precious formula. In a complex 18-step process, the toothbrush is expertly plated with real lustrous gold in our Swiss factory, allowing you to showcase the extravagance of d’Or in your bathroom. The golden d’Or applicator is tufted with densely arranged soft, black bristles that perfectly disseminate the exquisite toothgel all around teeth and gums.




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