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Instant Eye Radiance Patch 10pk

    The fine structure of the mask fibers are bio-cellulosic (obtained by fermentation of natural coconut water) provides feeling of second skin, which adheres perfectly around the eyes. The tensor patch is adapted to the contour of eyes thanks to its specific shape and formula that is enriched with anti-puffiness agents, decongestants and moisturizers. Say goodbye to all traces of eye fatigue.

    Size: pack x10

    Say goodbye to all traces of eye fatigue.

    Open the sachet. The patches are packaged between a bluish non-woven tissue and a nylon. Remove the bluish layer and separate the nylon patch. Immediately apply the patch under the eye. Repeat the process for the other eye by separating the patch from the nylon and the non-woven tissue. Adjust the patch to the contour of the eye. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove.

    Actiflow. Hamamelis extract. Fucogel. Glycerin.

    Welcome to a new era of esthetic and dental services.

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