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Gel ADN Silkgen Moisturizer

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Gel ADN Silkgen is a cool, revitalizing gel that tones and softens skin.

A subtle treatment composed of Salmon DNA, which preserves the moisture level of the epidermis; and Silk Proteins, a source of restructuring amino acids.

From the first application, it will leave your skin toned, rehydrated and fresh. This gel has a light texture that is suitable for travelers, male clients, people exposed to arid climates or following a plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure. It is also excellent to add extra hydration to any cream.

In the Summer, stored in the fridge, its fresh and fluid texture will perfectly hydrate the epidermis. In the Winter, mix Gel ADN Silkgen with the adapted Cream to your Skin Instant to boost hydration and obtain a creamier texture.

A treatment to be used in alternately with the Emulsion Gel Biosensible when following a plastic surgery or a cosmetic procedure (peeling, dermabrasion, laser, resurfacing).

Recommended for all skin conditions. 

Available in 50 mL.


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