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Auteur Retinol Serum


    A high-active, brightening retinol serum for overnight use that delivers visibly refreshed, smoother skin. Reinvigorate the skin’s natural functions and appearance with a powerful combination of Encapsulated Retinol (Vitamin A) and Bakuchiol that stimulate cellular turnover, reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and lines, and restore radiance. Skin soothing Ceramides and AUTEUR Hyaluronic Complex protect the lipid barrier and maintain optimal levels of hydration while keeping skin free of irritation. 

    Lactic and Glycolic Acids gently resurface skin, improving texture. Active Ceramide Complex forms a protective barrier to reduce transepidermal water loss, capturing and binding water that is necessary for the skin to maintain its optimal hydration level. A rich combination of antioxidants including Squalane, BIOPLASMA FA and Green Tea scavenge free radicals caused by UV and environmental damage. Skin appears brighter while cellular energy is restored, and skin is able to maintain a healthier function and smoother appearance. 

    Fragrance free. Made in Germany.

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