Your life is moving. Your smile should keep up.

Invisalign clear aligners use the most advanced technology to give you your best smile yet. Using a series of aligner trays made with advance technology and proprietary Smart Track material, Invisalign treatment can straighten your teeth with more predictability and comfort. The best part is your lifestyle isn’t interrupted, meaning you can still enjoy the activities you love and the foods you can’t live without. All with no unexpected trips to the dentist due to broken wires or brackets.

The Treatment

Invisalign aligns are custom made to fit your teeth perfectly using modern technology to make precise digital images of your teeth from which custom aligners will be made. Once you have received your appliances, you will wear them for 20 to 22 hours a day. But don’t worry, if you have a special occasion, you can take them out when necessary and go on with your life.

The Aligners

One of the major advantages of choosing Invisalign treatment is that the aligners are transparent and virtually invisible. Even better, unlike with many other options, Invisalign aligners can be removed so you can still brush and floss normally without difficulties.

The Transformation

Every week, as you change your aligners, your teeth will gradually realign following the custom treatment plan created by Dr. Shahbazi and his team. Every six weeks or so, you will return to our office for regular check ups. Throughout your treatment, you’ll see your smile transform, gradually revealing the person you’ve always imagined yourself to be. It’s really that easy.

Length of Treatment

Length of treatment can differ from patient to patient. Dr. Shahbazi will work with you to come up with a custom treatment plan and will follow through with you every step of the way until you have the smile you’ve always wanted. Dr. Shahbazi will determine the length of your treatment after a consultation.
Our dedicated dental team are here to answer all your questions regarding Invisalign. Request a consultation appointment today and start your journey to a beautiful smile.