World of Auteur's Definitive Exploration Reset Set



Explore a high-active skincare routine for regeneration and repair with three AUTEUR Essential products. The Definitive Exploration Set embodies all aspects of the AUTEUR skincare philosophy, featuring a potent combination of peptide-rich formulas that accelerate skin’s regenerative capabilities, balanced with soothing, hydrating and protective ingredients. Discover multiple options, curated for each individual skincare journey.

Reset: Restore skin to a hydrated, healthy condition while brightening, balancing, and targeting expression lines and wrinkles. These are essential, universal products that are the perfect start to every regenerative skincare routine. (just add your choice of serums). Contains: Enzyme Cleanser (50G), Optimising Mask (15ml), Density Cream (15ml)



Perfect For

Exfoliate and brighten: Reveal a smoother, more radiant complexion with Definitive Enzyme Cleanser 

Optimize skin's own regenerative functions: Peptide-rich formulas signal cells to behave in a more optimal way, improving your skin's own healthy functions 

Nourish, hydrate and repair skin: Ceramides, Hyaluronic Complex & antioxidants instantly comfort and hydrate the skin while supporting barrier functions 

How to Use

Please refer to individual product pages for specific usage instructions. All products are compatible with all other items in the AUTEUR Definitive Collection.



Ceramide Complex, Hyaluronic Complex, Vitamin C Compound, Tocopherol Complex, Lactic Acid.