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Nuance Nude Toothbrushes

    Highly concentrated with the softest bristles, the Nuance Nude toothbrushes are the quintessence of swiss smile toothpaste application. A sensuous experience, teeth and gums will be enveloped in Nuance Nude's fine filaments, which gently clean the teeth and stimulate the gums. This impossibly chic utensil, available in the colours Cherry Blossom and Porcelain, is the perfect companion to any swiss smile toothpaste.

    The Nuance Nude toothbrush head comprises exceptionally soft, round-tipped bristles made from CUREN®, a higher quality, more durable alternative to nylon. Densely positioned, these fine CUREN® filaments envelop each tooth, cleaning the surface and massaging the surrounding gum. The Nuance Nude toothbrush is expertly crafted with a compact head and octagonal handle to facilitate the perfect brushing angle and ease of use.

    Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of toothpaste to your toothbrush and hold like a pencil. Position at a 45° angle by placing your thumb on the slanted surfaces of the octagonal handle. In small circular movements – half on the gums and half on the tooth – gently and carefully clean all of your teeth.

    Welcome to a new era of esthetic and dental services.

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