AURI Gua Sha

By Darcase


Take your facial muscles to the gym and enjoy firmer, lifted skin. Achieving tighter, contoured skin doesn’t need to be invasive. Our Auri Gua Sha is an at home facial massage tool that lifts and plumps the skin with noticeable results after a few uses. Ancient practice meets modern design. Lift, contour, and massage with our 24K gold-plated handled Gua Sha. Hardware that will last meets skincare practices from the past. 

A SOLAR microcurrent ball-tip is housed on the other end of the AURÍ. Microcurrents are known to stimulate cellular activity and repair connective tissues in the facial muscles. You can also use the ball-tip to gently apply under eye creams and serums.


    Perfect For

    Immediately after using AURÍ, you will notice increased blood circulation and your skin will feel more oxygenated. Your skin will be tighter and more uplifted. You will also notice a reduction in puffiness, specifically under the eyes. With constant use, your skin will become increasingly tighter. Smile lines will appear smoother and less defined. The Gua Sha is great when contouring the jaw and chin area. This healing tool can also be used to relax the neck and shoulders, and it’s very effective for lymphatic drainage. 

    How to Use
    1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly
    2. Apply your favorite face oil all over face and neck
    3. Holding your Gua Sha almost flat to the skin at a 45-degree angle, work on each section of the face 7-10 times in upward scraping motions from the middle of the face towards the edges.
    4. It is recommended to start working from your neck, then move up to the jawline, cheeks, under-eye area and finish with brows and forehead.
    5. Use the micro-current solar ball tip under the eye area for better cream application and to stimulate production of collagen and elastin