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Zina45 Toothbrush

    With its sleek and innovative design, the Zina45™ is truly the Tesla of toothbrushes. This is the ONLY toothbrush in the world with our exclusive polishing head that delivers a shine so bright, you'll need shades just to smile. Features our patented 45 degrees brush head and 4 unique cleaning modes to help you effectively clean above and below the gum line, preserving your oral (and overall!) health. Comes complete with a deluxe chrome travel case for easy, on-the-go access.

    • Deluxe chrome travel case
    • Exclusive polishing head (only available through Supersmile®!)
    • 4 unique cleaning modes
    • Unique brush head that cleans under the gum line
    • Ergonomic handle that guarantees proper brushing
    • Alerts you when it's time to switch brushing positions
    • Automatic 2-minute timer to ensure proper brushing time
    • Touch magnetic charger

    On a DRY toothbrush, place a pearl-size drop of professional whitening toothpaste and accelerator. Brush for two minutes, twice daily. Replace brush head every three months.

    As you brush, make sure you are not pressing too hard on your teeth. Listen to the ""music” of the bristles. In other words, you should hear the bristles moving. Allow the sonic strokes to do the work of brushing. If you do not hear the bristles, you are pressing too hard.

      1 ergonomic handle, 1 beautiful magnetic touch charger with USB, 2 patented 45• angled brush heads, 1 unique polishing head, 6 polishing rubber cups replacements, 1 deluxe chromed travel case.

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