Auteur Definitive Lip Renewal Treatment



Introducing Definitive Lip Renewal Treatment, the ultimate solution for transformative lip plumping and enduring hydration. Crafted with precision, this formula features potent ingredients like Collagen Prepeptide to stimulate Collagen Type 1 synthesis, directly targeting the signs of aging by regenerating healthy cellular activity. This high-active ingredient firms and plumps lips while remarkably reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Squalane, another key component, penetrates deep into the skin to provide intense moisture, restoring a softer texture while soothing dryness and eliminating irritation.

LipSculpt Complex goes beyond traditional lip plumping products with a sophisticated delivery system targeting specific cells and encouraging the development of new collagen, leading to a firmer and smoother lip texture. By mimicking the natural peptides found in youthful skin to promote collagen and elastin production, it enhances the plumping effect by restoring structural tissue. Coupled with Squalane's deep moisturizing benefits, Definitive Lip Renewal Treatment locks in hydration for a long-lasting, rejuvenated feeling. Experience a breakthrough in lip care that addresses and improves all lip area concerns and restores lips to their optimal state.


Perfect For
  • Restore volume by supporting the synthesis of new collagen
  • Reduce lines and reveal a smoother appearance
  • Seal in moisture and restore hydration
How to Use

Dispense product from the top of the tube by gently twisting the collar of the applicator before gliding across the lips. 

Mornings and/or evenings, and as needed throughout the day to protect lips and restore hydration.



Collagen Prepeptide: Increase Collagen Type 1 synthesis, restoring skin density and improving the appearance of lines

Squalane : Powerful, natural antioxidant that balances oil production, fights free radical damage, and adds lightweight moisture to skin

LipSculpt Complex: Encourage the production of new collagen by emulating natural peptides found in the skin to restore a smoother, firmer and more even structure.

Tocopherol Complex: Naturally derived complex rich in Vitamin E protecting skin against signs of photo-aging including spots, lines, wrinkles and pigmentation

Hyaluronic Complex : Five micro-low to high molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid deliver comprehensive hydration