LED Therapy is a popular non-invasive treatment to naturally boost skin’s health and combat acne, redness and dull skin, wounds, and scars. It has also been proven that LED aids in the stimulation of fibroblasts in the connective tissue, which is responsible for producing collagen. One of the main benefits of LED is that it is safe and painless, making it ideal for all skin conditions, and can even be used on chemotherapy patients.

LED was first created by NASA for plant growth experiments in space, however, since then, LED has shown promising results in facial rejuvenation.

At Theory and Essence we have partnered with The Déesse Pro™ LED technology to provide you with the original, best-in-class LED phototherapy mask. Déesse Pro mask not only offers all the benefits of LED light therapy, but it has the added advantage of combining Near Infra Red to each treatment mode. Also known as “IR”, this is a deep penetrating, colourless wavelength that is designed to stimulate collagen and speed up healing time. It offers gentle soothing and warming effects to the tissues. Other benefits include repairs to damaged cells and help to increase cell-functioning which in turn allows the absorption of products and gentle reduction of the appearance of fine lines and scarring.

This amazing LED Mask has a multitude of wavelengths, which will effectively teach your skin cells how to respond differently to improve relative skin concerns overall for skin health and integrity. With continuous use, it keeps the skin glowing and youthful, all year round.

The Déesse Pro LED light mask is a game changer and can be added to most of our facials to take your experience to the next level.

By Naz Shahbazi


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Naz Shahbazi