In the heart of Azores, a breathtaking archipelago in the Atlantic, lies the secret to radiant skin - Ignae Skincare. Inspired by the volcanic terrain and lush vegetation, Ignae has harnessed the power of natural and cutting-edge biotechnology to create a range of exceptional products that redefine skincare.

The Azorean Connection:

The Azores have long been admired for their geothermal springs and nutrient-rich volcanic soil, keeping the locals’ skin glowing for generations. Ignae Skincare takes this legacy forward, sourcing all their key ingredients from the Azores and its many trees, plants, flowers, and Algae. Their mineral rich thermal water is sourced from the crater of an active volcano, Furnas, a lush region boasting more than 20 types of spring water and thousands of different Botanical species.

Embracing Sustainability:

Ignae’s commitment to sustainability shines through in every product. From eco-friendly packaging to ethical sourcing, the brand ensures that its practices continue to abide with their company values. At Ignae, they embrace the 12 principles of green chemistry and utilize biotechnology. The purity of the Azores is a gift. The sourcing of Azorean ingredients is “wild harvested” under strict SFC practices (Sustainable Farm Certified).

The EPC Factor and Biotechnology in Skincare:

Ignae’s proprietary, patent-pending EPC Factor Complex is the result of years of advanced research in the fields of applied sciences for use in clinically proven skincare. With the size of 400 nanometers, the EPC factors are liposomes that can slip beyond the barrier of the skin into its deeper layers, with minimal resistance, allowing the algae and plant extracts from the Azores Islands to be absorbed through the skin to produce superior results. Without the EPC Factor, their powerful ingredients would not be able to reach the deeper layers of the skin. EPC Factor is also able to protect the potent encapsulated actives, contributing to prevent their oxidation and effects of light exposure while nourishing the skin.

Some of our favourite Products:

Daily Enzyme Cleanser: This refreshing cleanser provides mild and gentle exfoliation to support your skin’s daily renewal, preparing it for the next steps in your routine.

Day Complex: The vital nourishment your skin deserves. This multi-functional complex nurtures the skin, protecting it from external aggressions while assuring deep, intense hydration. Formulated with our EPC Factor, it can immediately reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as increasing collagen production and luminosity.

Volcanic Clay Mask: A decadent spa experience for your home. This highly regenerative and purifying volcanic clay mask is the evolution of a treatment that has been used for thousands of years. The pure mineral-rich volcanic clay from the Azores gives you a deep detox and supports the homeostasis of the skin. Botanical oils with skin-regenerative properties and laden with vitamins protect and repair the deeper layers of the skin. As you remove it, you will immediately notice an improvement in luminosity, elasticity, and wrinkle count, due to the powerful peptide chain in the formulation.  

Rich Night Serum: This highly effective serum counters the advanced signs of aging. It has a light oil-texture due to Ignae’s patent-pending EPC Factor liposomes, which carry the potent actives into the deepest layers of your skin for maximum cell regeneration. The Rich Night Serum is a concentration of some of the most effective anti-aging ingredients, most notably Bakuchiol, the “clean” alternative to retinol. This brings you all the benefits of retinol without the undesired side effects (such as redness or potential allergic reactions) and has the added advantage of being safe during pregnancy and nursing.

I adore Ignae Skincare because it embodies the natural touch of the revered Azores on the human skin. With its seamless fusion of nature’s phenomenon and cutting-edge biotechnology, each product becomes an enchanting elixir that nurtures and rejuvenates my skin. For me, Ignae is a constant reminder that the true secret to beauty lies in embracing the gifts of our planet.

By Naz Shahbazi