If there is one thing all brides want, it is to achieve flawless skin before they walk down the aisle. We're talking radiant, luminous, insta-worthy skin. A healthy complexion can make all the difference when it comes to your makeup, photos, and appearance on your big day. 

The key to a beautiful look is to take care of and prepare the skin well in advance. This results in a comfortable, long-lasting makeup application that accentuates your natural beauty for your special occasion.

Investing in routine facial treatments leading up to your big day can go a long way. Incorporating technology such as LED light treatment, Microdermabrasion, and micro-current in addition to massage techniques to give you those lifted cheekbones you’ve always wanted will definitely put you on the right path. In reality, the more time spent in advance towards your skin, the more rewarding the final results will be!

Many brides choose to start getting facials as far as 12 months before the day of the wedding. This timeframe is suggested for individuals with stubborn acne or pigmentation so there is ample time to treat the skin and let it heal between more aggressive treatments. For others, 6 months before works just as well! Preparing well in advance prior to your wedding will give your aesthetician time to get to know your skin and ensure that your routine is the right one for you.

Sometimes, the anticipation to tie the knot may tempt you to utilize as many products as humanly possible in order to ensure peek aesthetic benefits. Unfortunately however, this can be counterproductive. Instead, this is the time to keep things simple and stick to products that are hydrating and soothing. It is also crucial not to do anything out of the ordinary to ensure you don’t experience any adverse reactions. The final week before the ceremony is the best time to get a pre-wedding facial in order to prep the skin for optimal radiance and that desired seamless makeup application. Hydration is the key to achieving a flawless wedding appearance. 

If you find yourself with a breakout the morning of your big day, don’t touch it! It is best to use ice to calm and help with swelling before applying a deep cleansing face mask followed by an at home blue light therapy LED mask. Most importantly, don’t panic! Stress will only make it worse.

At Theory and Essence our expert aestheticians will evaluate your skin and talk to you about your concerns to help tailor your routine to your goals and skin type and map out a treatment plan according to what fits in your life routine.


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Naz Shahbazi