Gum recession is an irreversible process where the gum margin surrounding a tooth recedes. This can expose more of the tooth or the tooth’s root. When gum recession occurs, it allows for plaque to accumulate more easily resulting in an increased risk of periodontal (gum) disease, decay, and tooth sensitivity. In advanced cases, the infection can start breaking down the bone underneath, causing tooth loss.

Gum recession is a common dental problem and can be caused by several factors such as smoking, diabetes, age, genetics, Bruxism (clenching/grinding of your teeth), and brushing aggressively with too much pressure.

The best way to manage receding gums is by treating your gums with care and maintaining good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice per day, for two minutes.

The following are also recommended:

  1. Regular dental/hygiene maintenance to treat periodontal disease and monitor gum recession levels. You should visit your dentist at least twice per year for checkups and cleaning.
  2. A night guard to help protect your teeth from Bruxism.
  3. Using a soft or extra soft toothbrush while applying gentle pressure. In the quest to keep teeth clean, you might be tempted to brush as vigorously as you can, however, gums are made of delicate tissue, and brushing the wrong way could damage them. When you brush, make sure you use gentle, circular motions to massage and clean the teeth and gums. We recommend the Supersmile electronic toothbrush (Zina 45 or Advance Sonic), for those of you who love manual toothbrushes, Swiss Smile super soft brushes are an excellent option.
  4. If you are a smoker, quit smoking! Tobacco usage can increase the harmful bacteria in your mouth.
  5. Choose healthy foods and drink fewer sugary drinks to discourage the growth of bacteria in your mouth.

If you have severe gum recession, gum graft surgery may be needed. This is the best way to support tooth health when your gums have receded a good amount.

Our clinic offers a variety of luxury dental products that have been hand-selected from all the over the world. The following are my recommendations if you are dealing with gum recession and sensitivity.

Swiss Smile Herbal Bliss Toothpaste to help with dental sensitivity and to soothe inflamed/ tender gums.

Swiss Smile Golden tooth gel toothpaste contains 23.75 gold dust creating anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.

By Ashley  ( RDH @ Theory + Essence )


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