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Professional Whitening Floss

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    Show ‘em who’s floss! Remove bacteria, plaque, and food particles like a boss while safely and gently whitening between your teeth. Woven with Calprox®, our proprietary formula that safely and gently whitens and cleans without sensitivity, while fighting gingivitis as well as cavities between teeth.

    • Safely whitens between teeth without sensitivity

    • Gently removes bacteria, plaque + food particles

    • Fights against gingivitis between the teeth and under the gums

    • Long-lasting germicidal protection for fresher breath

    • Safe to use on dentures, veneers, and bonded teeth

    • Unwaxed for clean finish with no residue

    • Original Mint flavor

    Measure out roughly 18 inches of floss, wrap the floss around the side of each tooth in a "C" shape, then slide the floss gently under the gum line to the tip of the tooth until the floss is clean, use a clean section of floss and repeat on all teeth.

    Contains 45 yards of floss. Infused with Calprox®

    Welcome to a new era of esthetic and dental services.

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    Located in the Heart of North Vancouver, on the corner of 13th Street and Lonsdale. We are on the second floor of 1333 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver. Underground pay parking is available by West Park, with access through 108 West 13th Street.

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