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Brightening Resurfacing Cream

    Size: 50ml 

    This cream helps to remove dead cells and smooth and reactivate the natural production of collagen for softer skin. It's exfoliating action stimulates cell renewal, reduces imperfections and the appearance of wrinkles. pH around 3.5. 10% max of AHA makes it suitable for nighttime application. 

    Use in the evening. Apply on face and neck, do not apply around the eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water. 

    1) Glycolic acid: the most powerful and more simple AHA. It helps stimulate the cell regeneration process in our skin which is great for mature skin as the cell renewal process is slower than for younger skin. This exfoliating effect helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, while acting on the deep pigmentation of the skin. 

    2) Salicylic acid: BHA, mainly used for its keratolytic action. It acts on the quality of the skin by eliminating dead cells that accumulate on the stratum corneum.

    3) Lactic acid: AHA, essential component of the skin's acid mantle, with which it has a strong affinity. Lactic acid helps regulate the physiological pH of the skin, as well as bacterial colonization for healthier skin. It is an ingredient that also gently exfoliates all dead cells, without attacking sensitive skin, however, because it works gently. It is also a humectant.

    4) Vitamin C oil derivative: heat and oxidation stable, superior percutaneous absorption; inhibits activity of intracellular tyrosinase and melanogenesis (whitening); reduces UV-induced cell/ DNA damage (UV protection and anti-stress); prevents lipid peroxidation and skin aging (anti-oxidant); collagen synthesis and collagen production; strong antiacne activity. 

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